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How does an Aneroid Barometer Works ?

Aneroid barometers helps to measure the atmospheric pressure. Aneroid barometer has aneroid cell which is made of alloy of beryllium and copper. This alloy under goes expansion and contraction on the change in pressure. Thus, the mechanical levers of aneroid cell expand and contract and display the reading on the aneroid barometer by the movement of the pointer

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An aneroid barometer is an instrument that helps predict the weather. It can also be used to detect changes in altitude. To do this, it uses changes in air pressure. When air pressure is low, bad weather is more expected.


Inside an aneroid barometer is a small capsule. This capsule has had the air pumped out of it. When the air pressure rises, the sides of the capsule are compressed. The capsule is attached to levers which move a needle as the air pressure squeezes the capsule. A dial behind the needle tells you the air pressure and altitude or weather forecast.


Another common variety of barometer is a mercury barometer. The aneroid barometer is superior in some ways to this. Mercury is poisonous, so a mercury barometer requires special handling. An aneroid barometer has the added advantages of being smaller and lighter and easier to move safely. This means that one can be carried in a car or on a ship

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